Digital Design

Reduce Website Load Time

  • Create websites with faster load times; visitors will conserve energy navigating your page which ultimately contributes to better usability overall
  • Optimize images and video by creating assets at the size they are required; using the ‘Export For Web’ in programs like Photoshop will also help reduce image size
  • Use resources like Image Optim to reduce file sizes Prioritise WebP, WebM and SVG formats over JPEGs, PNGs, MOV, etc.
  • When using video, ensure that it is the smallest size by exporting through Media Encoder and uploading to YouTube or Vimeo for embedding
  • When possible, use system fonts or support variable fonts (using subsetting if applicable), over uploading your own
  • When coding, prioritize Javascript over JQuery, and CSS over Javascript when possible
  • Keep clean code, optimize scripts and remove dead code
  • Design for mobile-first and build up for desktop, encouraging clients to remove any irrelevant or unnecessary content
  • Try to use other options instead of carousel banners that increase load time
  • When working within a content management system like Wordpress, choose themes that are minimalist and sustainable before adding content
  • Shorten email signatures and set up a simple signature for replies
  • Check performance and load time by using resources like Website Carbon, Google Lighthouse and Ecograder
  • Support dark mode using the “prefers-color-scheme” CSS media query 


Sustainable Practices for Digital Devices

  • Consider green hosting services like Montreal’s AWS, Green Web Foundation or Data Centres that commit to Renewable Energy Credits, like Apple or Google
  • When available, activate Dark Mode within programs and devices like Chrome, Mac, Messenger; consider search engines like Blackle that reserve energy while you search
  • Adjust your settings so your devices use sleep mode
  • Instead of printing files or documents, consider where you can digitize your content or request digital signatures
  • Ensure all printers and computers are shut off when not in use