NowPlayingToronto an invitation to experience the rich, vibrancy of Toronto’s arts and entertainment community by providing the most comprehensive events resource of cultural experiences to check out in the city. My goal as a designer was to communicate this new exciting brand to the wider audiences while staying true to representing the vibrant local cultural scene.
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February 25, 2021
Areas of Specialty
Art Direction, Branding, Creative Direction
Other Capabilities
Brand Strategy, Corporate Communications, Editorial Design, Illustration, Motion Design, Print Production
Identifies as
Living with a Mental Illness
Languages Covered
Why am I an RGD?
As a self-taught designer, I've always felt like the biggest imposter, despite my skills and experience. Now, I'm #RGDproud to say I am officially certified as a Registered Graphic Designer with Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD)!

Throughout the certification process - which includes case studies, a written exam, and an oral presentation - I realized that my rather eclectic background (art history graduate and career in the arts/nonprofits with a focus on digital) allows me to bring to the table something unique as a designer, and it's a strength, not a weakness. I can wear many hats and see things from different perspectives.

I'm so thrilled to be joining the RGD community, and can't wait to be part of their programs and initiatives in fostering young designers in Canada.

Time to make something beautiful!
Why am I a designer?
My career began in the arts and non-profit industry to offer a peek behind the curtains and maximize their charitable impact. Now, I love working with any type of organizations or brands to help translate their vision into a tangible, visible reality.
Why should you hire me?
I'm not your typical designer who went to an art school and began their career (and stayed) in agencies. My diverse experiences and skillsets can provide a 360-degree consideration of your brand and help further your mission in a visually cohesive way.
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