Forest Communications Inc.
Member since
February 2, 2007
1000 Innovation Dr
K2K 3E7
613 270 8602
Areas of Specialty
Branding, Video, Web Design
Company Description
Forest Communications has been providing creative communications solutions since 2001 for both the public and private sectors. Our senior management team members each have over 25 years of experience and use practical, time-proven methods to ensure that every project we produce meets the highest industry standards. Our ongoing mission is to build on our excellent reputation by demonstrating our success in reaching each client’s creative communications objectives.

We are a full-service communications firm with a solid reputation for innovative solutions and targeted CREATIVITY.

We are committed to understanding your vision to develop the most effective and successful communications STRATEGY.

We are valued for our reliable, honest and stress-free service and how we approach each client and project with INTEGRITY.
Why am I an RGD?
It gives me credibility but also accountability as a qualified and experienced designer. Problem solving is a passion as well as executing on ethical design and production standards. Keeping up with trends, judging, and being involved in the RGD community keeps me and ForestCom.com connected in ways I never imagined!
What is my most memorable RGD moment?
Judging the latest Student Awards 2022 for Brand Design
Why am I a designer?
I found a way to be creative outside of illustration as a career. A career that was transitioning at a fast pace onto Apple computer systems. I love tech so a win win at the time!
Why should you hire me?
Creative. Problem solving. Highly organized. Great management. Great service.
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