RGD Creative Earners Salary Survey
CreativeEarners National Salary Survey
Creative Earners invites graphic design and related professionals from across Canada to complete a confidential online survey to provide information about their salary and billing practices in the Canadian graphic design and communications industry. The results of the survey raise awareness of the country’s thriving creative industry and provide an economic profile of the field.

Creatives from across Canada shared their information in late 2018, giving us a financial picture of where graphic designers and related professionals were working and what they were being paid.
The RGD, GDC and Creative Niche are pleased to present the results of the last Creative Earners Survey, reporting salaries and billing practices of those working in the Canadian communication design industry.
The RGD, GDC and SDGQ will launch a new survey in the coming weeks to understand how the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected the our industry with results that we hope to release in September.
We hope all Canadian designers and related professionals will participate to help us get a more up-to-date picture of our industry and how the global pandemic has impacted our community.
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